Launching June/July 2023


The makeup service I give is heart forward, with an eye on the best of you. I help support your natural beauty with the inspiration you give me, so that you feel your best in the spotlight on the happiest day of your life.
As a forever sustainable babe, I use as many toxin-free, vegan, and Canadian products as possible while painting long lasting, professional makeup. Thanks for trusting me with your gorgeous face.
May love lead the way♡


I spent a decade in the fashion industry where I launched my own sustainable brand, Earth and Elle. In that time, I was living a rugged lifestyle in the outskirts of the Squamish-Lillooet region. I chose to live there since it was close to Vancouver but not in Vancouver, to have both worlds. Who I am today is a mark of the wild, unconventional life I've lived so far.
Born and raised in Kelowna, my hometown called me back in May of 2022 — where I landed in the lap of Portia-Ella, Canada's leading clean beauty store as the manager. I found passion, and talent for makeup artistry by having our clients trust me with their faces from the get-go. After living far from society for so long, I fell in love with the human connection that makeup brings. {To my Earth and Elle lovers, don't worry, I continue to nurture the brand!}
I decided to add makeup to my career belt when I met, and instantly connected with Kelsey Allmark, who taught me the trade with open arms without batting an eye. As a creative entrepreneur my whole life, it is a joy to round out, and elevate my skill set in this new way. What I love about fashion, beauty, and art is that you can be exactly yourself without holding back.

Our truest self transcends trends!


With love,