earth song

All imagery by Jessie McNaught
Writing by Rachelle Love
st'at'imc territory


Bras + undies for whole-body comfort.
Because what we wear underneath is for our {own} gaze. What we wear underneath should complement our always evolving, open-ended being-ness.

river + rock 

Sustainable panties
Sustainable bra
Sustainable underwear

 wine + cosmos

Ethical underwear
Ethical braEthical intimates

flora + fauna

Eco intimates
Organic underwear
Ethical fashion brand

milk + honey 

High waist panties
Ethical clothing  in Canada

Under our feet, the soil breathes. For it is us.

Colours of life.
The sun turns the green forest into gold. Ocean — Sky — Lake —Mountains, cascade ethers of blue.

Moon and sun.
In their light, creatures flourish. Butterflies, poppies. Yellow sucking nectar from red. Foliage grows in sweetness.

Death regenerates.
It all sings life; earth sings creation.

Vancouver eco fashion