mama love

Photography by Pala Kovacs
Mama muse + thoughts on motherhood by Jessamyn West
Kelowna, BC


Connecting with my oldest son, Brom, has been a challenge now that I have a new baby.

When I was pregnant I thought, 'how could I ever love my second as much as my first?' but then Zion was born and I instinctively went into post partum, new baby energy & found myself completely consumed by my newest son.

As hard as it can be, as thin as my patience gets sometimes - committing to special moments with the boy who made me Mama actually make me a better mother to both of my boys.

I couldn't ask for better boys & I feel extremely privileged to be their Mama.

'Getting my body back.'

Something I thought would be a focus of mine after I had my babies. However, now looking at my two perfect kids I realize, that, if they were born perfect... So was I. Suddenly I didn't care if I looked the way I did 'pre baby'. My body didn't go anywhere, I don't need to get it back. Now my focus is on being strong & healthy, so I can hold my boys as long as they want to be held, run, skip & jump with them & be around as long as possible to know them for as much time as I can.

To be a mother to a son is one of the most important things you can do to change the world.

Raise them to respect women.
Raise them to stand up for others.
Raise them to be kind.

It's much easier to raise strong children than to repair broken men.