sun kissed — english interview

Imagery by Maya David
Models: Alexandria Anderton,
Aida Jereb Fall, and Emily Lambley
Interviewer: Rachelle - Earth and Elle
Ibiza, Spain

There is something magical about getting to work with other creatives from across the world, without needing to be there in real life. Maya David, a photographer in Ibiza, is an online connection that flourished into these stunning images. The only strife about working from such a distance is that you don’t get to interact in the same way you would if you were there in person. So, I wanted to build a conversation with the models in a way I might have if I was there with them.


As a performing artist in singing/songwriting and dance, what message do you want to send to your audience?
I want people to know that your dreams are not over just because you believe you are  too old or haven’t visited them in a while. Your destiny is yours. If you have the opportunity then take it and go for it. If the opportunity isn’t there then make your own. I didn’t start touring the world and dancing in Ibiza until I was 25. I truly believe that anything is possible when you are your own biggest fan and believe in yourself. 

What brought you to Spain, and specifically Ibiza? Is it where you grew up?
When I turned 25 I decided I was going to take chances and stop being scared of the world. A girl (who is now one of my best friends Emily) who I had only met once convinced me to pack my stuff and move to Ibiza to pursue a dance career out there! I will forever be grateful for that message and be proud of the risk I took.

What do you love most about living there?
I love the feeling, to be honest it cannot be described. I suppose the closet thing I can compare it to is seeing someone after you haven’t seen them for a long time. That warm feeling and that connection as well as excitement. That's how I feel when I am there.

What lights you up in life?
My family lights up my life. The support, the constant love, the telling me when I need to get my sh**t together! They have saved my life more time than they know and this is a light that will never be put out. 

How did you feel when you first slipped on your new bras and undies from Earth and Elle?
When I first slipped on my Earth and Ella set I honestly felt so supported and comfortable. I also felt extremely confident. It just fits so perfectly and hugs you in all the right places. Having a bigger bust I find it hard to be comfortable in a lot of other sets but this one was absolutely fabulous! 

Do you have a favourite place on earth?
I have a favourite two places. One obviously being Ibiza, it's where my dreams came true and I met the love of my life. My second is Dominica, the nature island of the Caribbean. If you haven’t been I highly recommend it! 

I love the vibrant colours and the sense of adventure in your photos; What has been your greatest or most magical discovery between your travels?

It was on my trip to Thailand, a trip that started out with a little fear since it was the first time I travelled so far, and alone. I travelled Thailand from north to south on a bus, discovering and getting to know wonderful things. I spent the last days by myself, which is what I really wanted and I enjoyed it. I discovered that I was stronger than I thought, and I loved that feeling. It was the best travel experience I’ve had so far, and I would repeat it a thousand times over.

What brought you to Spain, and specifically Ibiza? Is it where you grew up?
I was born in Spain, specifically in Andalusia, my parents came looking for a better life to offer us. What I like the most about Ibiza is the energy it has, I feel good when I'm here, I'm happy, I can't explain exactly what it feels like because I think you have to go to really find out. And obviously because of everything typical too, beaches, parties, the people are incredible, Ibiza is incredible...

What lights you up in life?
I don’t know how to answer that haha! ​​I think the desire to fight for a good future and feel completely fulfilled in life.

How did you feel when you first slipped on your new bras and undies from Earth and Elle?
I felt quite comfortable. I wasn’t sure because since it wasn’t underwear that I had chosen, I didn’t think I would like it because of the fabric or the shape of the panties in which I tend to be a bit of a special fit. But when I put them on, it seemed that I had chosen them. Now, they’re one of my favourites.

Do you have a favourite place on earth?
We return to my beloved island, and there is that favorite place of mine, Es Vedrá. Although it is a classic for everyone, it is right there where I feel that energy the most, that recharges and renews you.


As a self-proclaimed nude enthusiast, what is it about the nude form that inspires you as an artist and designer?
I honestly just love all the imperfections (which actually aren’t imperfections at all) and differences and curves and shapes. Not one body is the same. It’s crazy to me that girls and woman have been led to believe that smooth, skinny, white women are the standard for beauty, when we are actually all beautiful in our own right. Women feeling powerful and confident is empowering in itself and that is what I want to portray in my work.
What brought you to Spain, and specifically Ibiza? Is it where you grew up?
My parents, my brother and I moved there almost 10 years ago. It’s the place I call home, where my family, friends and animals are. I get to experience Ibiza in a way that people who come on holiday, don’t get to which makes me feel very lucky.
I love the freedom that I feel here. I love not wearing shoes, no makeup, eating dinner at 11pm and having a nap during the day that is normalised instead of frowned upon. People tend to be more open and it's a nice feeling
What lights you up in life?
Travelling brings me so much joy. I haven’t been able to travel as much as normal, for obvious reasons, but I love to immerse myself into cultures that are so different to my own. It’s a beautiful thing and it definitely teaches you to be more understanding and to have love for everyone regardless of gender, race or religion.
How did you feel when you first slipped on your new bras and undies from Earth and Elle?
That they fit so snuuuug, and the material is so so comfy. Of which I later discovered are the perfect period panties
Do you have a favourite place on earth?
You couldn’t ask me to pick just one! There are so many insanely amazing places, it’s impossible to choose