rose medicine

Muse + writing by herbalist, Celine Cuevas
Digital photography + film negative by Earth/Elle owner, Rachelle Love
st'at'imc territory



Is heart medicine — Rose
Breaks us open to sing our Heartsong

Helps us let go of all that lays heavy on Heart — Rose
Brings us back home, again and again,
To Heart

With a magnetic field 60 times greater than that of the brain — Heart
Who speaks the language of connection & harmony

With its immense capacity for feeling — Heart
Who feels pain and grief, despair and anguish

Yet, Heart
Who knows pure joy, ecstasy, pleasure, and excitement 

When Heart needs support
When it may need help remembering
Call on Rose

And dance!

Dance with Rose
To invite the pleasures & delights of this earth to dance with you — Dance with Rose
To move softly and sweetly in the world — Dance with Rose
To welcome compassionate connection with all beings

Rose beckons you — To experience her — With all your senses:
A subtle aroma of Rose on the wind,
A drop of Rose honey on the tongue,
A sensuous oil bath filled with Rose petals.

Embraced by Rose,
You will remember the earth’s magic