The designer and founder. I have a vivid dream world, and an overwhelming amount of creative energy.

A friend of mine once said that I'm the company they’d want in revolutionary times. I think times are quite revolutionary these days — maybe they’ve been revolutionary forever — so I think an evolving mind, and an open heart is worth keeping, always.

In life, I like to keep my inspiration is focused, yet multidimensional. I'm an artist, and I'll always create beauty for the world while being of service.

At 16 years old, I started making my own clothes with natural fabrics. I can design and sew almost anything from scratch if I’m up for it. To start a brand, I wanted to start with something simple, beautiful, and comfy that everyone needs.

I chose bras and undies. While I started out by hand-making, they are now sewn at a factory here in BC, so I can design from my studio in my Okanagan hometown of Kelowna. 


Neil Slattery Photography