Introducing Jen Pistor — A Call to Realness

January 16 2022 – Rachelle Love

Introducing Jen Pistor — A Call to Realness

Introducing Jen Pistor — A Call to Realness

Earth and Elle in collaboration with
ethical fashion influencer, Jennifer Pistor

Mom of three, (twins + 1) model, blogger, and influencer of ethical and sustainable fashion.

Jen and I became pals on social media around the time that I was posting my own wardrobe photos on Instagram, sometime around May 2019, as a way to introduce myself further to the niche of ethical and sustainable fashion. She followed me. I followed back. Such is the way "Instagram friendships" begin. I was inspired by her practical approach to ethical and sustainable fashion. An approach that is honest, and let me tell you, honest is what we need right now. Her approach is also casual and cute. Practical, but embodied and authentic.

Often, I find that the land of social media that is full of talented, beautiful people, to be intimidating. And don't we all? Let's say I'm an introvert-extrovert. So as little as this sounds, it felt good that this wonderful influencer responded to the fragment of me I was putting out there on social media to promote the beginning of my endeavor.

Because in reality, no matter what we're up to on social media, what lighting we use, how we portray ourselves, or rather, what other people make of us— we are all real people behind the little squares of our phones and computers. We are animate and dynamic. And reaching through the walls of technology to meet someone inspires me.

[Above: Jennifer wears The Comfort Bra and The High Undies]

When I reached my goal of producing the collection of bras and undies at a local factory, I knew it was time to reach out to Jen for a collaboration.

So, dear friends, I'm elated to introduce you to Jen. A body-positive model, blogger, and curator of, where she writes about motherhood and style, making the ordinary things in life beautiful, inspiring and relatable.


 "My goal is to offer you approachable inspiration for your everyday style in the body and season of life you’re in."
-Jennifer Pistor

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