Love and Earth

January 16 2022 – Rachelle Love

Love and Earth

Love and Earth

A thought overcame me today, well more of a feeling - whilst a rest moment after a long, tough few weeks. It is a truth I know, and agree with always. Even try to live by. But it feels different, and amazing, when it overcomes the body and becomes the greatest living force of knowing within. Somatic comprehension, a knowing in the body... I love this feeling, I chase it. Perhaps because the outcome leads to an ecstatic state of inspiration. Perhaps that's what it is to be a witch, and a beauty walker.

I was so drained and exhausted today though. I wanted nothing but to crawl in bed, rest, and shut the world out. And while doing that, this came forth, adding to my rest, and peace of mind.

"Love, and earth, denounce all constructs of the human mind. Love, and earth, shatter illusion. Transcend all. Reveal the only truth that exists - to exist."

See if you can spot the teeny spider and its delicate web in the picture. You can barely see them because they're so small, though they're the whole premises behind the photo. I was basically on my tippy toes, bent backwards to tilt the camera at the right angle, to capture them. [On an oddly hot early morning. Climate change is real, and as humans we are at odds with only ourselves.]

I suppose that could become a metaphor. The small truths we barely see in our daily lives are actually massive when we can no longer un-see them. They grow, and make the whole picture clear as this day. And clear days are certainly the best days for movement and momentum, towards more cosmic and earthly love, in a brittle human world.

We're children of the earth, sky, and love.



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